New Jersey White Collar Defense Lawyers

White collar crime charges can result in devastating losses for defendants, often resulting in years of federal jail time, the loss of businesses and homes and even the loss of family to divorce.  We at The Moriarty Law Firm understand how these types of charges effect families and we provide a rigorous defense tailored to the needs of each indiidual client.

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Our clients benefit from understanding the federal legal system. Otherwise, they can’t make informed decisions about how to proceed with their defense. Our website and our personal expertise are at your disposal to help you understand federal charges, including:

You Need an Effective Federal White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer!

Federal crimes are treated very seriously.  Penalties often result in years of Federal Prison time in addition to the forfeiture of assets. We will fight to beat your charges, or we will work with the prosecution to strike the most favorable plea bargain possible.

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