Illegal Weapons, Firearms and Gun Charge Defense Lawyers in New Jersey

Defending gun charges properly in the State of New Jersey requires an intense understanding of the law and the sentencing issues that clients are facing.  We at The Moriarty Law Firm have been defending gun charges successfully throughout New Jersey for decades.  We have built a reputation on knowing the law and achieving results for clients facing gun and weapon charges in all counties in New Jersey.

If you are facing gun charges, you can speak with a lawyer at our firm 24 hours a day by calling 732-842-7773. You can also contact us by e-mail.  We look forward to helping you beat your gun charges.

We Want our Clients to Understand what they are facing:

A well informed client is the best ally we have in the fight for your freedom.  Understanding what you are facing in relation to a weapons charge in New Jersey is crucial  Click below to learn more about the following areas of gun and weapon charges in New Jersey:

Few Charges are more serious than a Weapon Charge in New Jersey!

The state of New Jersey takes weapons very seriously. Firearms offenses can lead to years in prison. Even Unlawful Possession of a Weapon charge carries significant jail time in New Jersey. We are talking about years of jail time before you would even be eligible for parole.  We treat every client and every case like they are our only one.  Everyone that walks through our doors receives the time and attention they deserve.

If you are facing charges related to the illegal possession of a weapon or firearm, you can call our offices 24 hours a day to speak with an attorney. Call 732-842-7773 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation.