We Defend Traffic Violations Anywhere in New Jersey!

The Moriarty family has been fighting traffic related offenses throughout New Jersey for over 40 years.  We know the local courts, prosecutors and judges you will be dealing with.  This goes a long way toward successfully defending your rights.  Having a lawyer who knows the system and the players is critical.

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An Educated Client is Our Best Ally!

Having a client who knows the law and what they are facing in their own case is one of the most important factors in successfully defending a case.  We want you to fully understand and help us fight against any traffic charges, including:

also learn more about traffic violations by reviewing the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Statutes.

We Handle All Types of Criminal and Traffic Charges

Criminal charges can be brought in either the Municipal or Superior court. The more severe the criminal charges the more likely they are to be handled in Superior Court, while minor charges are typically resolved in Municipal Court. We have a well deserved reputation for being the best in both arenas.

The severity of your charges is a determination made by the State and is usually based on a variety of factors. Penalties will vary based on the degree of the crime and whether or not there was a criminal conspiracy involved.

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