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The attorneys of The Moriarty Law Firm are the best criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey. I can see how the over 50 years of combined experience between this family led law firm has initiated the consideration by many, as being one of the top law firms in the US. From the moment I called for a legal consultation I received a welcoming of knowledge, professionalism, and protection that I hadn't experienced with any other attorney at law. As a result, the Moriarty Law Firm will continue to represent me, and I have found great comfort in both our commitments towards each other. I thank the lord every day that they have and will always be there for me when needed. I am only speaking from personal experience of course, but there isn't a criminal defense attorney in the state of New Jersey that brings the passion, persistence, and professionalism to the courtroom quite like the Attorneys at Moriarty Law Firm. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all of you for your relentless advocacy and unmatched integrity you have shown for me over the years. God Bless!

Jeremy Thomas

Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and he gets the job done. Being a legal sceptic (I used to think they were all crooks) Kevin restored my faith in attorneys. If you have a serious matter, you want Kevin to represent you.


Kevin represented me for a DUI charge (my second) and was successful is getting my charges dropped. He also represented me for a criminal drug charge which I was facing 10 year jail time. Kevin successfully negotiated probation. Kevin is a NJ lawyer who will fight for you and has extensive knowledge of how the NJ court system works. Kevin is not your ordinary NJ lawyer as he will fight for you. Kevin is one of the Best in NJ and you owe it to yourself to speak with him about your charges because he is in a class by himself.


After being arrested twice for DWI in Long Branch, NJ, I hired local Defense Attorney Kevin Moriarty to represent me. I was more than pleased with the outcome of my two cases, and I would recommend Kevin to anyone who's been charged with a DWI Offense.


I hired the attorney for a disorderly conduct case. Kevin was very helpful in speaking with me shortly after I contacted him and discussed the possibilities of an outcome. He spoke very confidently and assured me he could handle the case towards the best outcome for me.


Kevin Moriarty is an excellent attorney, with a kind heart; a rare breed in the criminal defense world! I had a delicate case and he handled it wonderfully, and put both my family and I at ease. He managed expectations in such a way, that he appropriately communicated all options and what their cost to me would be, and then provided his professional recommendation as to what would make this case go away quickly, without issue, and without a financial headache. I can't say enough about Kevin, his family, and his office staff. When a friend recommended Charles and Kevin Moriarty, I am so glad I went with her recommendation. It is with highest regard, that I would recommend Kevin and the Moriarty Law Firm to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney, as well as any delicate matter that is in need of a smart, well thought out strategy, that mitigates risk and exposure of any long term detriment to the client. Thank you Kevin and team for everything! This review is from a person who hired this attorney.


Kevin went above and beyond for me and got me the best deal possible. Highly recommend!


I hired Mr. Moriarty for a delicate professional matter and was very happy with the entire experience. Both he and his support staff were easy to deal with and ultimately, we won!


Jersey Recovery has yet to discover a more qualified business relationship than the one we've been fortunate to establish with The Moriarty Law Firm. Jersey Recovery helps those who struggle with substance abuse overcome it's grip and learn to live life happy, joyous, and free from substance dependent behavior's. Many times those who suffer from addiction intially face legal obstacles that are at times extremely difficult to overcome as well. The Moriarty Law Firm in our experience working with their firm puts the clients best interest first by steering them away from the court sentences that are not conducive to ones addiction recovery. We at Jersey Recovery want to thank The Moriarty Law Firm for their brilliance and client first mentality in the court room. We look forward to saving many more New Jersey residents succumb to the unforgiving consequences drug and alcohol addiction serves. We especially look forward working with the Moriarty Law Firm to secure that each individual gets the absolute best chances to recover from substance abuse addiction. Most Sincerely,

Jersey Recovery Center's

I ride an electric bicycle from Bayville to my shop in Long Branch. I have to carry a lot of battery weight on my cargo bicycle to make the trip. When the bike is loaded for my trip up and going back home, it can give the appearance of looking more than just an electric bicycle. New Jersey does not have clear cut e-bike laws the way other states have. And so my bike falls under the federal e-bike law. There is no insurance nor registration for electric bicycles here in the state of New Jersey. But sometimes the local police don't really realize this. And I find myself with my bicycle standing before a judge to explain. Kevin Moriarty has been a real life saver in showing the local municipalities & court systems my situation


I hired Kevin Moriarty as my lawyer because I got a DUI back in April of 2017. This was the first time I ever got a one and I will make sure it's my last. I was pulled over and blew a .23 which is extremely high. I really do not drink this much but I just had a day of partying which got away from me, obviously. I made a poor decision and decided I could drive home. I was pulled over, thank god no one was hurt, and was unable to perform the physical tests given by the police officer. I could barley say the alphabet. I even fell into the police officer I was so drunk. I reached out to Kevin because I was referred to him by a friend who works in the restaurant industry. This friend told me that a lot of people in this industry have gotten DUI's and most of them had hired Kevin to help them with their cases. I was told that each person was extremely satisfied with his help. I went to Kevin to speak with him and liked hime right away. I felt very confident so hired him. His prices seemed more than fair to me after I did some research comparing him to what other lawyers charge for DUI cases. Because of the circumstances and details of my case Kevin was able to get the suspension of my license down from a loss of one year to only five months. I also did not have to get an interlock device installed, thank god because this would have cost me a lot more money. I really cannot have asked for a better outcome. I made a mistake and am paying the consequences for it, as I should. Again, I am so grateful no one was hurt. Thank you Kevin for all of your help! You will certainly get referrals from me.


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