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Criminal Defense

Loyal Criminal Defense Law Firm, Committed to Results

The Moriarty Law Firm has achieved a record of successful results providing dedicated criminal defense services throughout Middlesex County, Monmouth County and the surrounding areas of New Jersey. Our success is a result of the energy and careful attention paid to each case, as well as the collective experience of our attorneys.

Aggressive Advocacy, Strategy, and Experience to Achieve Results

Attorneys from our firm assist clients at every stage of the criminal process from investigation, after arrest, and through trial. We take the time to understand every detail and fact of your case and prepare an aggressive defense to minimize consequences or defeat charges in your case.

You can speak with one of our attorneys anytime, 24 hours a day: just call (732) 842-7773 or contact our offices by e-mail. To help you better understand your legal situation, we have provided a wealth of information on this Web site.

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A Firm With Local Roots — We Know the Local System

New Jersey’s laws will be the same no matter where you are in the state. However, different judges apply laws differently, and different regions have different “trends” when it comes to interpreting the law. It is important that your attorney understands the local legal landscape just as well as he or she understands the law. We know local judges and prosecutors, and they know us. We can help you navigate this unique legal system.

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Client Reviews
"The attorneys of The Moriarty Law Firm are the best criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey. I can see how the over 50 years of combined experience between this family led law firm has initiated the consideration by many, as being one of the top law firms in the US." Jeremy Thomas
"Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and he gets the job done. Being a legal sceptic (I used to think they were all crooks) Kevin restored my faith in attorneys. If you have a serious matter, you want Kevin to represent you". Miriam
"I hired Mr. Moriarty for a delicate professional matter and was very happy with the entire experience. Both he and his support staff were easy to deal with and ultimately, we won!" Evan