As a trial attorney specializing in the area of criminal law, Kevin Moriarty has extensive experience in criminal cases in both the Superior and Municipal Courts of New Jersey. Kevin has significant experience handling all aspects of the criminal process, including pre-indictment investigations, arrest, arraignment, grand juries, pleas, discovery, pretrial hearings, trials, jury selection, evidence, motions, and posttrial remedies. Kevin regularly defends clients in Federal, State, and municipal courts for various criminal charges and offenses.

Kevin has extensive knowledge of defenses available to criminal defendants such as failure to give Miranda rights, establishing a client’s alibi, challenging competency or credibility of witnesses, informants or the alleged victim and excluding evidence seized in violation of your 4th Amendment Rights. In fact, Kevin has extensive experience with motions to suppress and other pre-trial motions that can lead to the dismissal of the criminal charges against his clients.

Education & Court Admissions

Kevin Moriarty is only one (1) of the twelve (12) members elected to the Monmouth County Criminal Practice Committee, which enables him to be at the forefront of issues faced by criminal defendants in New Jersey. He is also a member of Monmouth County Bar Association. Kevin Moriarty graduated from Fairfield University and received his law degree from Seton Hall Law School.

Leadership, Membership & Honors

Kevin also explores all grounds to dismiss the case, preclude grand jury indictment, exclude evidence or reduce the number of charges. Kevin Moriarty’s knowledge of the courts and prosecutors also enables the firm to negotiate a favorable plea bargain in the event that the firm is unable to have the charges dismissed. Kevin has been very successful in convincing judges to exercise their discretion to dispense with jail or prison sentences, permit his clients to serve probation, allow entry into the drug court, serve a SLAP sentence in lieu of jail or complete a term in a rehabilitation facility.

Kevin also handles all types of traffic matters, concentrating heavily on Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and other alcohol and/or drug-related offenses. Kevin and the firm have been successful in probable cause motions challenging the basis for the motor vehicle stop, arresting and testing of clients. Kevin aggressively attacks the results of the Alcotest, conclusions drawn from field sobriety tests or Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), which has resulted in the dismissal of charges and acquittal for many clients.

Kevin also has significant experience with expungements representing clients seeking to have previous convictions removed from their record.


  • Seton Hall Law School - J.D.
  • Fairfield University - B.A.

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

  • Monmouth County Criminal Practice Committee
  • Monmouth County Bar Association

Client Reviews

The attorneys of The Moriarty Law Firm are the best criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey. I can see how the over 50 years of combined experience between this family led law firm has initiated the consideration by many, as being one of the top law firms in the US. From the moment I called for a...

Jeremy Thomas

Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and he gets the job done. Being a legal sceptic (I used to think they were all crooks) Kevin restored my faith in attorneys. If you have a serious matter, you want Kevin to represent you.


I hired Mr. Moriarty for a delicate professional matter and was very happy with the entire experience. Both he and his support staff were easy to deal with and ultimately, we won!


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