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Assault Offenses

Experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Moriarty Law Firm has spent decades successfully defending clients against charges of assault and other violent crimes. We utilize every resource available to build the best possible defense. We have been dealing with the local systems in New Jersey for years and know how to properly defend you to obtain the best results. This is what we have built our reputation from, and it continues to grow.

No matter how big or small your case, you need the Moriartys on your side. Call (732) 842-7773 or contact us by e-mail for your free consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Understand Your Case!

Having a client who understands the law is one of the best possible ways to help us defend a case. Our clients are our allies in the fight for justice. Read more to learn about the following areas:

Whether Serious or Minor, Your Charges Need Our Defense

Defendants facing indictable charges can be looking at lengthy prison sentences. In the Municipal Court, the maximum penalties can still result in hefty fines or up to six months in prison. We can help with all types of charges.

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Client Reviews
"The attorneys of The Moriarty Law Firm are the best criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey. I can see how the over 50 years of combined experience between this family led law firm has initiated the consideration by many, as being one of the top law firms in the US." Jeremy Thomas
"Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and he gets the job done. Being a legal sceptic (I used to think they were all crooks) Kevin restored my faith in attorneys. If you have a serious matter, you want Kevin to represent you". Miriam
"I hired Mr. Moriarty for a delicate professional matter and was very happy with the entire experience. Both he and his support staff were easy to deal with and ultimately, we won!" Evan